MultifamilyReal Estate July 2, 2019

Proposed SB 329 (Section 8) and How It Might Affect You

Section 8 Housing Vouchers assist low income individuals with a large rent subsidy each month for the duration of their tenancy.  This federal subsidy is run by the Department of Housing & Urban Development. Under current law, participation in Section 8, is VOLUNTARY.  Under SB 329, EVERY residential rental property owner will be effectively FORCED to enter into a contract with the local housing authority upon receiving an application from a tenant who uses

Because housing authorities already lack the resources to process applications and inspect properties quickly, units may sit unoccupied for many weeks until all the administrative requirements are met.

Specifically, it forces landlords and property owners to take part in what has always been a voluntary federal program with numerous requirements. These requirements include registration with a local housing authority, participation in training, property inspections and modification of leases to conform with federal standards. Believe me- lots of bureaucracy involved.

Beware, this law will affect all property owners INCLUDING single-family landlords.